Lt Lemuel Akers was a old first Lt serving on the HMS Boadicea, under Commodore Jack Aubrey. He was first Lt purely out of seneority. He is described as being no seaman, leaving the ship in a 'disgusting state' when Aubrey first came aboard. He was a harsh, greying, saturine man with a wooden leg. The wound's pain made him bad tempered. Consequently, he is fond of using the lash and beating to maintain disipline onboard the ship. He is also a supporter of the continuation of slavery. Stephen Maturin (an abolitionist) thrashes him in a debate on the subject in the wardroom.

When the Boadiceas took the french corvette Hebe (formaly the british Firgate HMS Hyaena), Aubrey ordered Akers to comand the ships boats to board the Hebe, he is successful in this task. (Akers contribution to the battle was sitting in the boats roaring at the Hebe and shouting out encouragement to the men fighting, for his wooden leg prevented him from climbing the stern onto the deck).

He was ordered to take the Hyaena back to Portsmouth by Aubrey, who was glad to be rid of the old officer. Lt. Akers on the pther hand, was delighted, because bringing a prize back meant promotion. He took back letters and dispatches, one was to Sophie from Jack. Amoung the dispatches was an explination on why Jack left with out Lady Clonfert, who was traveling to see her husband who was to be part of Jacks Squadron.