Mr Allen
Character from Aubrey-Maturin novels
Rank Sailing Master
Ships served on HMS Surprise
Affiliation Royal Navy
First Appearance The Far Side of the World (10th novel)

Mr Allen was born in Britain, and had family who were in the whaling business. He served on several whalers, and understood both their trade, and prey very well. With a keen knowlegde of the area, he is often asked to serve on ships headed for the Pacific, wether they were whalers or not.

Jack Aubrey hires him as master on the HMS Surprise, headed for the Pacific ocean.

Movie Appearance Edit

In the 2003 film adaptation Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, Allen is given the first name "John", and is played by Robert Pugh. He constantly points out the disadvanages the Surprise has against the stronger French frigate Acheron, but still does his duty. He is portrayed as an avid singer, and a kind and humorous soul

During the final fight aboard the Acheron, Allen is part of the first boarding party, and is killed by a shot to the head. He is later buried at sea along with Peter Calamy and the other fallen.

Notes and References Edit