Barret Bonden
Character from Aubrey-Maturin novels
Titles, Ranks Coxswain
Ships served on Most if not all of Aubrey's commands
Affiliation Great Britain,
Royal Navy,
Jack Aubrey
First Appearance Master and Commander
(1st novel)

Barret Bonden is a seaman of the Royal Navy, and Jack Aubrey's highly competent and valued coxswain.

In the 2003 film adaptation Master and Commander The Far Side of the World, he is portrayed by Billy Boyd.

Biography Edit

Bonden first serves under Aubrey as the coxswain and captain of the maintop in the 14-gun brig HMS Sophie. He is described as "a fine open-looking creature, tough without brutality, cheerful, perfectly in his place and, of course, a prime seaman - bred to the sea from childhood."

Aubrey asks Bonden during this voyage, to become a member of the quarter-deck, but Bonden declines, responding, "I ain't got the learning, sir.". Nevertheless, Bonden's obvious abilities and trustworthiness enable Aubrey to entrust him with many missions of his own, several of which involve looking after Maturin during Maturin's activities as an intelligence agent. He is often manning the helm, as shown in the 2003 movie. Bonden also proves to be valuable, in commanding Jack's barge, and in always taking care to get the perpetually clumsy doctor safely on and off ship. Maturin returns the favor by teaching Bonden how to read and write. Bonden, along with his cousin, Joe Plaice, follows Aubrey from ship to ship, until an unfortunate twenty-four pound shot from a treasure-laden African galley strikes his gun, killing him.

Movie appearance Edit

Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World (2003) - played by Billy Boyd

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