Admiral Harte
Character from Aubrey-maturin Novels
Titles, Ranks Rear Admiral
Ships crewed or captained HMS Sophie, and others
Afictation England, Royal Navy
First Apperience Master and Commander

Harte was an english Naval officer, rising to the rank of Rear Admiral and dies aboard his ship in battle. Harte was a little man, somewhat resembling Lord St. Vincent.

Harte was a Post Captain and senior captain at Port mahon, Jack was given orders by him in his command of HMS Sophie. Jack has an afair with Molly Harte, which causes a hatred for him. He makes sure that the Sophies can not be properly rewarded for the capture of a heavy spanish frigate. Harte was promoted to Rear Admiral and commanded the squadron based at the Downs in the English channel where he proved a continual thorn in Jack Aubrey’s side while he commanded the sloop HMS Polychrest. Harte hopes to profit from "Lucky" Jack Aubrey's success in capturing prizes and he is disappointed when Aubrey's cruises prove to be unproductive in due to the abysmal sailing characteristics of the Polychrest. At last he orders Aubrey and his sloop on a nearly suicidal attack on the French port of Chaulieu. Harte later became a member of the Admiralty Board where he did his best to act against Aubrey’s interests. Jack serves under Harte once again when he is Rear Admiral of the blockading fleet in the mediterranean, and the dislike of Aubrey had not died down. He soon receives a son in law named William Babbington, a young Commander. Harte is killed when his ship is destroyed in battle.