Padeen Colman is Stephen Maturin's longtime servant and loblolly boy. Only Maturin is able to communicate with him, as Padeen has a cleft palate and can only speak in the Irish tongue. Addicted to opium after he was anaesthesized with laudanum following a shipboard accident, he broke into an apothecary shop to steal some. He was caught and transported to New South Wales, from which he escapes on board the Surprise when he aids in saving the poisoned Maturin, this in spite of Aubrey's promise not to allow any prisoners on his ship when he leaves Australia. Padeen was later pardoned. His patient, gentle nature became instrumental in bringing Brigid, Maturin's (possibly autistic) daughter, out of her shell.

In the 2003 film, Padeen was played by John DeSantis.