Sophia "Sophie" Aubrey (née Williams) is Jack Aubrey's wife. She is described as exquisitely beautiful, charming, and of a kind nature. Her provincial and prudish upbringing ensures that she does not share his amorous tendencies, but they still have a happy marriage and three children: twin girls, Charlotte and Fanny, and a boy, George). Sophie proves to be very competent at keeping accounts, in addition to successfully managing a household whose main provider (Jack) is often absent for months at a time. Sophie has two sisters, Cecilia and Frances. Her mother's name is Mrs Williams and she is first cousin to Diana Villiers.

Life Edit

Sophie was born in England, and has two younger sisters Cecilia and Frances. She met Jack when he and Stephen Maturin were staying nearby during the peace. They planned to marry but because of Jack`s debt they couldn`t. When he returned from India after protecting a EITC convoy they got married. Her mother lived at Ashgrove Cottage with Jack and Sophie, which is located in the country.